Tamika was a student at Saint Andrew’s School (class of 2001) when she became one of our SPOTLIGHT teens.

Tamika volunteered as a pre-school teacher for 9 hours a day, five days a week. She loves to work with children, and she loves to teach. The teaching opportunity gave Tamika 225 hours of community service while she was doing something she enjoyed.

Not only did she earn many hours of community service, but she also learned a lot about herself. “I have learned to be patient with others and to give my all in helping others,” she said. “I have also learned that I really like teaching little kids.” Tamika recommends this activity to other teens who love working with children. Because of this experience, Tamika realized that some day she would love to be a pediatrician or an elementary school teacher.

Tamika’s involvement in her community does not end with teaching. She also participates in Walk-a-thons, works at Dr. Kawa Dentistry, involves herself with food drives, dedicates her time to Operation Smile, and enjoys being a member of the International Club. Tamika is on the varsity volleyball team at her school as well.
“I would love to make a difference and to help others,” Tamika said.

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My name is Alex Heatzig, and I am the President of VolunTeens. I am a rising Senior at Saint Andrew's High School in Boca Raton, Florida, Florida. I am excited about making this website more useful than ever! If you are visiting this website from outside the Palm Beach and Broward County that we are currently located in and would like to make a difference in your community, contact me for a great opportunity!

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